Sunday, November 18, 2012

How Great Thou Art.

Shirt: iris, Skirt: Giorgio Armani, Clutch: Thifted
Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Glasses: Target
Hair Pin: Gift
I'm back!
I might as well let you all know I will probably not be posting much within the next week or so because this girl will be going on a much needed, and dare I say... deserved, vacation!
I'm going to Florida for Thanksgiving break and I couldn't be more excited! If you would like to know what I pack let me know, but just a heads up I am the worst packer ever. Like, ever.
One last thing.
I can't help it but I must share with you all this amazing and incredibly moving video. I have always been a die hard Carrie fan but this, this takes it all. The power of Christ is incredible and if any of you have any questions about my faith and where I stand don't hesitate to ask! I love speaking about the Lord:)
I hope you all had a delightful weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Colors make me smile.

The other day I was sitting in the Way with one of my friends about to eat lunch. As I sat there waiting for her to come back from getting her food I glanced over my shoulder and saw this handsome gent sitting a few tables down. I went back to playing Ham on the Run on my phone and then I did a double take because I realized his outfit was pretty cool. Then I thought to myself, you have to put him on the bird days! So I decided I would make sure to ask him before he left. Then for some reason I decide to do a triple take and as I did I realized he was putting on his coat to leave. So I sat there thinking, should I ask, should I  not... (keep in mind this is actually the first guy I ask to photograph who was a complete stranger to me) Finally it hits me that it was now or never so I ran up and asked if he wouldn't mind me snapping a picture of him. He was super kind and agreed. Unfortunately my camera only chooses to pick up colors whenever it feels like doing so. I wish you could have seen that awesome blue shirt, colorful tie, and pinstripe pant in person! It was awesome.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love and the lake.

Infiniti Scarf: thrifted, Cardigan: Target,
Shirt: Target, Jeans: Charlotte Russe,
Shoes: Steve Madden, Glasses: Target,
Belt: thirfted, Purse: Target
You know those days where you are so lost in your own mind that you don't even know what/how to feel anymore. The ones when you can't even figure out if you're angry, upset, mad or just plain over everything? No? Yes? Maybe?
Well this whole week that's basically how I've been feeling. For those of you who don't know I was supposed to be getting married this Saturday. [What? Woah!] I know. But the thing is that really doesn't have much to do with how I'm feeling. I mean sure it has "something" to do with it but really it has been friendships and relationships in general.
So what do three of my six professors decide to lecture on this week, you got it, love and marriage.

To be honest, the irony of this whole week is just too much for me right now. I left school today realizing how easily some friendships/relationships can be broken by something as simple as the words you choose to express no matter how minor/insignificant they may have been in your head.
As I  drove home I couldn't stop thinking about it and without noticing I took the longer way home. I saw the lake and I pulled over. I sat on the edge of the water for about an hour. Half of my time was spent asking God what He was doing with me and the other half was spent listening and remembering. As I sat there, I couldn't help but think of the little girl who used to sit on the same edge of that lake and play on the dock 14 years ago. With only three weeks left of my last semester of actual classes in college I realized how little I focus and pay attention to those around me and the things God wants us to delight in. Most importantly, I realized how incredibly fast life goes by. So tell those you love and care about how you feel, mend the broken ties, and do what you can to be happy and enjoy your time on earth. 

my view of the lake
Deut. 30:19
God wants us to be happy. He wants us to choose life and blessings. I hope you all had a wonderful day, and if you haven't you should take some time out of your week and do the same. I'm sure it will be a pleasant surprise even if it is just to take a break from a busy life.

Cozy clothing kind of day.


sweater: Target, Scarf: Walgreen's, Sequin Tank: Express,
Jeans: F21, Boots:Andrea, Glasses: Target
Today was the perfect crisp day to introduce the winter, so before I left my house I made sure to wrap up in a cozy super thick sweater and fluffy scarf! I also figured I better get back on my dressing game because lately I have been slacking on this whole outfit thing since most days I haven't created anything inventive. So if you're running late or haven't had time to do laundry like me do what I did all last week! Just grab a random shirt, a pair of jeans, and throw on some heels! Heels make anything look a little more dressy/like you actually woke up and thought about your outfit. However I don't recommend this if you are not used to walking in heels for long periods of time. Instead of wearing heels all day opt for a wedged boot and voila, that t-shirt and jean combo you had going on now looks ten times better! Don't forget to throw in some fun accessories, as you can tell from my pictures I was obviously running really late since I am not wearing any fun pieces of jewelry or accessories.

Monday, November 12, 2012

It was love at first sight.

I know I'm a little biased since this is my favorite stone but it's
the perfect color accent if you ask me!
Don't you just love the layered socks?:)
This lovely lady is Jaime. She is also the girl I creepishly stalked and searched for, for about three weeks last semester. Weirdo... I know so let me explain. In the early months of Spring Semester I was doing my thing with my friends in the main student center at school. This particular day my mind was wandering around the room admiring everyones winter coats which they recently brought back to school with them after winter break. As I scanned around like the total creep that I am my eyes were immediately drawn to these gorgeous boots! I'm talking I did that whole OMG shout, stopped and pivoted towards my nearest friend, and pointed straight at them in awe. I knew right then and there, it was love at first sight. I had to have those boots. At the time, I did not know Jaime or any of her friends very well at all so naturally I grabbed onto my friend and asked if she knew her. My friend had seen her around campus but couldn't recall her name. Instinctively I searched for another friend who might know her and when I finally found someone else she was gone.
Here's the thing. I have the absolute worst sight and memory when it comes to remembering people. Like the absolute worst. As in, if I just met you a few times I would most likely not recognize you until I have spent enough time to recognize your body shape and style.  So if I saw Jaime around campus and she wasn't wearing these boots I would have no idea it was her. Then one day a girl who I actually knew very well walks into class wearing THESE BOOTS! But something was wrong... I knew they weren't hers because I was sure she would have worn them almost every day if they were, I know I would! Naturally I ran over to her and literally grabbed her by the shoulders and said, "Where did you get those boots? I saw a girl with them earlier this year and I have no idea who she is or how to find her!" Apparently, Jaime was her suite mate and I finally put a face to the infamous fashion heart breaker of mine (a person who has that one article of clothing, accessory, or shoe you must have but can't) and yes I just completely made that up! You. Are. Welcome. So the semester ended, summer came, school started again and I see a familiar face sitting a few chairs down... After a few days it hits me, THAT'S HER! That's your friends suite mate with the most lovely boots you've ever seen Jennie! I think you will all be happy to know that Jaime and I are now friends and I yes, she is aware of how much I adore her boots!

Here's why I love them so:
I love history. I love shoes. These boots are the perfect blend of both. Not to mention I have literally been searching for an almost identical pair for about the last two years. I hope you all had a beautiful day!
I just need to say it one more time. I really, really love these boots! Ok that's all:)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Minnie Mouse.

Dress: White House|Black Market
Ivy Tights: Macy's, Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Am I the only one who thinks I look like Minnie Mouse? I think it's the heels which I realized today are a tad to wide for my size 5 foot:/
By the way can you tell what my favorite colors are? I honestly have no idea why but almost all of my clothing is black and almost half of my dresses are black or red. I really have no clue how that happened and I never noticed it until right now as I write this and stare into my closet (which REALLY needs to be organized, along with the rest of my room). Anyway, today was a lovely day filled with family and a great church service! Actually, they are always good but today was just kinda different for me, I think it's because I knew it was raining... kidding. In all seriousness I encourage you all to take some time even if it's only three minutes and simply think about all that you have and what you are most grateful for. You would be amazed to realize how blessed you truly are.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I'm off to sip some café con pan y galletas with my family:)

The Gowns Are Finally Here.


Time to go change!

Finally! We are finished!
Hello Birds! So here they are, my two dresses from the last two Marine Corps Birthday Balls. The stories behind these dresses are wild to say the least but the story of how these pictures came to be is equally as crazy!

The Really, Really Red Dress

(that's actually what the tag said when I bought it)
Okay! The way I went about getting this dress is quite similar to Nicolas Cage trying to find the National Treasure. Alright maybe not that crazy. Anyway, I basically wasn't given the green light-by my super over protective father- to go to the ball until one week, ONE WEEK, before the ball. This gave me exactly two days to find "the dress"! Naturally I dragged my boyfriend onto a train downtown to get us as close as possible to the infamous "Peaches Boutique". Of course, because I have the worst luck anyone can ever dream of having we missed our train by about 3 minutes and had to wait another hour to catch the next one. Once we finally got on the train I couldn't help but notice something smelled funny... like something was burning... Sure enough a few stops down and in the middle of literally no where the train comes to a stop and explains that from there we were all on our own and had to find our own means of transportation. That's it. No refunds, nothing. And I mean nothing, as in they didn't even drop us off at an actual train station, they literally opened the doors onto a gravel hill with stairs that led down to some street.

So we made our way down the street and decided to hail a cab, and of course Murphy's Law is like a black cloud that follows me around, and there are literally no cabs in sight. After about 15 minutes the one who shall not be named finally decides to call a cab which tells us they will be there in 20  minutes. Forty minutes later we are still standing out on some random curb in the middle of some sketch street, in the cold when a cab finally pulls up and gives us that "do you need a ride signal" so of course we're thinking uh duh! Why else would we have called you? So we get in and tell him where to go, 35 minutes after we are finally pulling into the parking lot of Peaches when I get a call saying, "Excuse me! Your cab has been waiting outside for five minutes, you need to come down now!" Of course, I'm already a crab so I shout back and explain we already arrived at our destination in another cab that didn't arrive an hour and 10 minutes late! At least it was something along those lines... Anyway so here's the thing. The one who shall not be named gives me a budget for occasions such as these that require pretty clothing. Because this was my first time going to the  ball he gave me a budget of $500 so what do I do? I walk into Peaches and when my consultant asked what I was looking for I said, "Can I see every single dress you have in red?" After that I literally tried on every single red dress in that boutique and this was the winner!

Black Lace:
This time I got the green light to go months in advance, I also started dress shopping months in advance. Literally. I started shopping for dresses in early September. It didn't matter though because I could not find a single thing. Because this was our second year going to the ball together and I couldn't simply show up in anything less that what I had on the year before my budget was raised to $600. Guess who was a happy camper? Unfortunately it wasn't me because I literally went to every single boutique in the area for weeks and asked for every black or red dress they had and none were doing it for me! EXCEPT for a gorgeous black lace dress which was $40 over my budget... and 4 sizes to big. Naturally I called the one who shall not be named and tried to explain how beautiful it was, my best friend who was with me even got on the phone to try and explain it's beauty. Eventually he said yes but when I was told how much alterations were going to be I had to back down. So I kept on searching and just TWO days, TWO days before the ball I found the EXACT same gown in another boutique, in a smaller size. It still wasn't my exact size but it did the trick;)

The Photo Sesh:
You ALL owe my amazing and incredible best friend
Melissa some crazy Internet thank you's! Remember that thing I said about having the worst luck ever? And how Murphy's Law is a black cloud that follows me? Well, originally these pictures were supposed to be taken at two separate locations. One location was for some reason closed to the public this one day of the year and the other we couldn't find on the map. However thanks to Meliss we arrived at this lovely little place. So after i awkwardly changed from sweat pants and a hoody into a ginormous black lace gown in the parking lot we took off onto a gravel trail to begin taking pictures. Not even two minutes after we choose a spot it started to pour. I actually did my hair for you guys. I really did! I curled it into all these pretty waves. Wait, no! I destroyed it with a hot tool for all of you, jk for those of you who don't know I do not use ANY heat products in my hair so this is a HUGE deal. Keep in mind when it starts to pour we have to start running back to the car, on a gravel trail, and I'm wearing 4 inch stilettos...
So this is how we spent our afternoon, snapping a few pictures, running back to the car, trying to fix up some make up because the rain washed half of it away, running back out, taking some more pictures, running back to the car... you get the point.
But in all sincerity, I could not have asked for a better person to help me out today! I am so very grateful to have Meliss in my life and I hope if you don't already have a friend like her in your life that you find one very soon!

If you would like to know more about this amazing
girl you can follow her on twitter: MelissxP

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend make sure to check thebirddays on YouTube!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just call me Diana.

Shirt: Gift, Pants: Express, Shoes: Nine West
Jacket: (you're gonna love this one) Miley Cyrus Collection

Yes. I am fully aware that my outfits this week have completely sucked. I am terribly sorry everyone I have just been so busy with school I haven't had time to sleep therefore, when I wake up and get ready in the morning I'm half dead and can't make conscious decisions before I leave my home. Not to mention I also suck at doing laundry so I haven't had much to choose from lately but I'll make sure to get on that this weekend!
Anyway, it's Friday and I couldn't have asked for a better day. Actually I guess not sleeping through my first two classes and then finally getting myself to school but arriving late just in time to miss my third out of four classes could have made my day a little better... But no worries! I was wearing my Wonder Woman T-Shirt today which gave me some kind of extra super power to turn my frown upside down! I can honestly say I don't think I have enjoyed myself quite like I did today in a very, very long time.  I love the power of friendships! Not to mention my Mexican future house wife skills (I'm still working on the laundry skills, but when you have a closet the size of mine you would understand, trust me) were put into over drive today during dinner and I owned everything that was thrown at me! Nice try mom;)
So basically, my weekend has been off to a good start and I can't imagine what else God has in store for me! Make sure you check in tomorrow I promised you all some pretty sweet photograph's and if all goes well they should up later tomorrow night.